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                       Dallas  and  Jax

             Their  litter  is  due  around

                       August  21st,  2022

              This will be a smaller litter


They too, will have a mixed litter. Dallas will have Dark Yellow, Yellow, and Chocolate. Sometimes she will have Blacks. Dallas will have a smaller litter. At the most, she will have 5 pups. Dallas has a very sweet disposition. 

If you are interested in any of these litters, please call or email for any information.

                         712-627-4664                                 [email protected] 


All pups yellow, chocolate or black, male or female

are sold at $600.00 Total price.

Will have a limited AKC registration.


Pups sold with a full AKC registration will be sold at

$800. 00. Total price

We take a $50.00 deposit to hold the pup, with the balance due when

pup is picked up.

First deposit gets first choice, and so on.

If we can answer any questions for you, please call or e-mail.

Thank you, for your interest in our pups.

Limited AKC registration, is where you can do all things through AKC.

The only exception is you can't breed your pup and register with AKC.

So if you don't plan on breeding your pup, the best way is to go with

Limited Registration.